Flash Animation of a 7 Segment Reflecting Telescope

Some explanatory text is given below the animation

Although this is a 2D animation using Adobe CS3 Flash which cannot handle 3D graphics directly, some tricks were employed to make it appear as 3D animation.

The animation starts off with 7 blue circles coming in from the left. They then cross over forming a group of 6 surrounding a 7th in the middle. A white circle moves in from the right and becomes the hole in the middle circle. The circles then tip over and the 3D effect is created, then they adjust their positions to correspond to how they are arranged in a 7 segment reflecting telescope.

The animation continues with the group of 7 mirrors moving down with the secondary mirror appearing from the top. Light rays are drawn and the animation ends with text being drawn on the screen.

Important note: Many modern browsers do not display Adobe Flash by default, and either a blank screen is shown or an icon is shown on the screen asking the user to install Flash.

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