Test 3D Images of Some Components for a Prototype Device

These are some test 3D images of components used to make a prototype device. Some ".igs" files created with some professional CAD software were obtained, then converted to 3D printer ".stl" files by making use of FreeCAD. Various JavaScript frameworks, including WebGL and Three.js are used here to display the 3D files. In each box is a 3D display with a label with the filename (minus the ".stl" extension) in the upper left side.

Place the mouse over any of the images and with the left button down the image can be rotated in any direction with the mouse dragged. With the right button down the image can be moved with the mouse dragged, which will often also change the viewing angle. With the mouse over the image and the mouse wheel turned, the image can be increased or decreased in size.

The background and foreground colors, as well as the opacity of all the images are specified in the <input type="hidden" .../> tags. An opacity of 1.0 mean the objects are completely opaque, 0.0 means the objects are invisible, and an intermediate value means they are partly transparent.

The upper 9 images with a yellow background display some old files, the lower 6 images with an orange background are new files.

Note 1: Depending on the browser and the connection speed, it may take a bit of time for all the images to load.

Note 2: This page makes use of the new CSS Grid Layout, which some older browsers may not support. The display is currenty formatted in 3 columns, if you do not see this your browser may need to be updated.

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