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Absorption Spectrum of Carbon Monoxide: Carbon Monoxide has one of the highest dissociation potentials of all diatomic molecules, and has a simple electronic structure with no unpaired electrons in its ground electronic state and several of its excited states (singlet states). The link here enables one to display vibration-rotation transitions in the IR for different vibrational levels and different isotopes of carbon and oxygen within the ground electronic state, and likewise for an electronic transition between the ground state and the first excite electronic singlet state in the UV. Vibration-rotation transitions in the IR within this excited electronic state can also be displayed for completeness and for illustration, although this is of little practical use for CO due to its high excitation energy.

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Displaying the Visible Spectrum: This is a placeholder for a link that gives the user the option of displaying a continuous white light spectrum, and various emission and absorption spectra of different gases. This is useful for teaching physics and astronomy. The original code used VML that is obsolete and only worked with older versions of Internet Explorer, and it is proposed to replace the code either by SVG or the html canvas tag.

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