Access to Google Maps and Location Application

This allows you to view your location with Google Maps. Depending on your browser's settings you may be asked to allow access to your location. If this is allowed, then by clicking the "Submit" button, the date and time, your latitude and longitude, and your IP address and user agent will be logged on the server, then you will be taken to the map where you are located. A spinning red marker icon showing your location will be displayed. This marker icon is generated by SVG and replaces Google's default icon. Note that in some browsers the icon may not spin, and also note that your location may not be accurately displayed, depending on your Internet connection.

If you do not allow access to your location, then on clicking the "Submit" button an arror message is displayed. You can also click the return link at the botton of this page or the back button on your browser. Even if you do allow access, in some cases, particularly if you are at a new location an error may still be displayed. In that case you may have to use the back button on your browser and refresh, possibly several times before the problem is resolved. If the error persists, you may have a bad connection or your browser may not support this feature.

Click here to view the access log before any of your details are logged. Recently logged coordinates and IP addresses are clickable so that a visitor can see maps of locations and details of the IP addresses in the log.

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